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Staring Contest with Gladreve Arnadorgo-Segmerm

A video has been circulating the internet featuring a person supposedly named Gladreve Arnadorgo-Segmerm. Most versions of this video last over 2 minutes, although the complete, unexpurgated version is 23 seconds long.

Unknown authorities tried to suppress this video after certain test subjects, having watched it all the way through, demanded recipes for their own faces while attempting to tear them off. Such is the video’s deleterious effect that some viewers fainted before watching it, and a few people are reported to have screamed in terror without even knowing it existed.

Arnadorgo-Segmerm appears never to blink, although the rules of this particular competition, though now lost, nonetheless state that blinking is permissible but the winner is the one judged to have stared the most. Can you stare more than Gladreve Arnadorgo-Segmerm? Do you dare participate in this staring contest?