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Shreckfiguren à la Mode



Shreckfiguren à la Mode
An Exhibition by Colin Raff

Donau-Ecke Ganghofer, December 18, 2015 through February, 2016
Opening Friday December 18, 1900-2100 uhr

Ganghofer Str. 6, 12043 Berlin
U7 Rathaus Neukölln / Karl-Marx-Straße

The urban legend of the Nachtbockkäfer (literally “night-goat-beetle”) appears localized to contemporary Berlin, yet its iconography is in fact antique, with an origin extending to the coast of the Black Sea. By means of printed cut-outs, text, sound and animation, this exhibit traces the evolution of a specific but volatile figure through archetypal permutations, proposing an unending imaginary process.

Production: Ben Schuman-Stoler