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Second Flush

Once a Brackish Apex Nautilus (N. salmacidus magister) has consumed the fleshy tail and innards of a Pontic Rosefish (Helicolenus thriampi), it will continue to maneuver the more durable front end, exploiting the carcass to stalk prey oblivious to its presence. Its arms can control the bony head-parts and remaining fins from inside. The “tongue” emitting from the mouth is actually one of the cephalopod’s two proper tentacles, which possess barbed club ends with rudimentary suckers.

Culinary market incentives have led Euxinovan commercial fishermen to carefully sort such nautili from their carrion-free brethren. A second flush nautilus (as one fully gorged on a rosefish is termed) will yield chewier meat and a deep, almost smoky flavor. Best served with legumes and Sauvignon Blanc.